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I always knew that I would work with children, what I didn't realise was that I would work with them so holistically.

Studying homeopathy was a natural progression for me, as I was brought up on it. I finished my first degree in Classical Homoeopathy from London's Westminster University in 1999 and then did my Master's Degree at Exeter University. On returning to South Africa, I studied towards a Degree in Drugs (called a Master of Science in Medicine-Pharmacotherapy) and after a few more years of practising paediatric homeopathy completed another Master of Science Degree in Medicine-this time in Paediatric Neurodevelopment. My homeopathic prescribing is minimalist, as is the classical homeopathic way. Only one remedy is selected, which acts as a catalyst for unravelling the symptoms and bringing a person back to their best state of health possible.

My Psychology training happened quite gradually. I had one year under my belt when I started studying homeopathy and continued my studies through UNISA while I was in the UK. I completed my internship in 2005 and have been registered as a psychometrist ever since. My aim is to empower parents to bridge the gap between performance and potential in their children and to identify resources for them to do so.

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