Get rest for success

Resting your way to success is not the lazy man’s guide to getting ahead. It's vital to keeping your mind creative and your body healthy. It can be as passive as napping on the beach or as active as going for a run...whatever recharges your batteries. Although the body is winding...


Antibiotic Apocalypse

We are outnumbered. We’ve been outsmarted. We are outdated. We are at war with an enemy inside us, around us and on us. It is a battle that may be under the radar but it is as real a threat to our existence as nuclear war. This is the combat zone between humans and the bacteria t...


You can't hurry health

The plodding tortoise beat the frantic hare in a race, we know the fable. But the moral goes further than humbly chipping away at a task. It applies to health too. The new normal is doing more and doing it quickly; but in fact keeping up in today’s fast-paced society is doing m...


What your nose knows

Symptoms of a runny nose are often just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the homeopathic prescription, and there's no 'one size fits all' pill for dealing with it, says Dr Marilena Deroukakis (Published in the July 2017 edition of Your Family) Most of the time your no...


Arguments against homeopathy filled with gaping holes

(As published in the Business Day’s Health News: October 31, 2007) Is homeopathy just the placebo effect dressed up? Some people swear by homeopathy, giving it cult-like status. Are these suggestible patients paying a high price in order to access their own healing abilities? ...


The Eternal Student at the doctor’s heart

(As publishing in the Business Day Health News, 25th April, 2012) You’ve been handed the card of a professional who has come highly recommended. In fact, she’s all the rage and what’s more she’s a doctor. But having the title “doctor” is not reserved for bedside examinations, ...